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AWD Consulting offers a wide range of specialized services including independent evaluation of hydrocarbon potential, oil & gas project economics and business process optimization. Our mission is to assist international and Russian companies in making optimal decisions for their upstream projects during exploration, appraisal and development stages. We provide a detailed evaluation of your project portfolio and business strategy and help to upskill your team`s performance by providing tailored technical training.

Optimization of your business
Data integration
Optimal exploration and appraisal results through solid expertise, international best practices and maximal integration of multidisciplinary data
Helping you adjusting to your current business needsby optimizing governance processes and team dynamics
Digitalizing your business processes and introducing new workflows, allowing for efficiency enhancement and project time reduction

At AWD Consulting we always strive for the most optimal solutions. A key driver in my professional career has always been the wish to make my projects a little bit better every single day. Optimizing business routines and workflows in a way to increase efficiency and performance has become a routine over time.

While working as an exploration geologist the key motivation was to create the most realistic geological models, to improve the exploration portfolio and to find the best development strategy for the company. In project management tasks my motivation was to improve the team performance and to implement the best possible digital solution. During joint projects with foreign and Russian partners, the key goal was to achieve the best possible solution for both parties, regardless of differences in business culture, individual motivation and background. Following the idea of constant optimization, the creation of a company providing the most optimal solution by combining the expertise and experience of top industry generalists and technical specialists was the only logical consequence.

I truly believe that the only way to provide top-level results is by addressing the individual needs and preferences of each of our clients. Offering the most effective and operational solutions for your business requirements by individually tailored, first-class services is our business model.
Vasily Alekseev
CEO and founder of AWD Consulting
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